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A highly experienced team of scientists in Agriculture sector, who are running this research lab and performing reliable operations such as Analytical Testing and Fertilizers Testing Services.

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian Economy, therefore researching about plants and chemicals that are used in accelerating the growth of field crops is a crucial job. Not just limited to this, but also development of new products that can aid in growth of this sector is also very important. Concentrating on the aforesaid, Agri Biochem Research Lab was established in the year 2017 to well-organize the sector and provide agricultural research services, agricultural testing services, analysis/ testing facilities of microbes- microbial products, Biostimulants, PGR-plant growth regulators, Herbal (botanical) organic & inorganic products to be used in Agriculture. We also aim to create new formulations that are beneficial for the people associated with this sector, through research excellence.

We are concentrating specifically on Agro Input Sector, with the aim to assist organize as well as unorganized sector for devising new/safe sustainable Agri Input products through our research and expertise. We believe in imparting Knowledge that we aggregate via experimentation and trials among our associates for combined upliftment of Industry.  We are keeping a track of new product developments across the globe, simultaneously setting a methodology to remain streamlined with the modern techniques and innovations. Our lab is backed with a passionate workforce and modern testing technologies. The staff possess proficient knowledge in the field of Agri Research and it consists of PhD level scientists and Post Grad lab assistants. It is their zeal for accuracy and results that act as a catalyst to forge our way ahead to explore new horizons and expansion.

Via testing outcomes, customer can interpret & evaluate the efficiency plus cost benefit ratio of the product under consideration. Formulation problems and quality of inputs can also be highlighted through product analysis.

Mission Statement

Through our research & development efforts we strive to improve the quality and yield of field produce which aid in achieving food security, farmer upliftment, better nutrition while restoring earth's health and joy for mankind.

Vision Statement

To be recognized worldwide as a trustworthy research lab by providing technical expertise, reliable and accurate research results, with total focus on customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

We believe that innovation are fundamental to long term growth and success. We are committed to research, development and to introduce innovative products that are abreast with the time and correspond to consumer needs based on scientific research. We are constantly in the process of following ways and means of adapting and accuring green technology.

Strengths of Agri Biochem Research Lab

We have centered our approach to Agri Input Products i.e. Biofertilizers/Microbial products, PGRs, Biostimulants, Herbal (Botanical)- Organic & Inorganic Products. Our infrastructure is well installed with modern instruments and equipment with the aim to deliver reliable and precise testing outcomes. We have implemented fully standardized & validated systems with methodology to handle each research project as well as analytical testing.

We are backed by highly experienced and credentialed scientists and project management staff with proficient knowledge to handle the research and analytical testing. Our complete attention, approach and a touch of perfection helps uncover time, cost efficiency and appropriate testing method, to best achieve your desired study objectives.

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